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Executive Team Alignment

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners believes that organizational excellence starts at the top, with an Executive Team that consistently performs at a high level of effectiveness. Process, as well as socio-emotional behavior are critical components. The team must be able to create a winning strategy and lead the organization to successful execution of that strategy. To do this, the team must be aligned.

In an Executive Team with a high degree of alignment, leaders and members:

  • Are focused on, and committed to, the same vision, strategy, and goals
  • Agree on the roles they each play – and fulfill those roles effectively
  • Follow an agreed-upon and effective set of work and team procedures, including those for decision-making, communicating, handling conflict, solving problems, etc.
  • Trust and support one another, collaborate as appropriate, hold each other accountable, and have effective working relationships

Such alignment doesn’t happen by accident; it takes commitment and hard work. In our experience, many Executive Teams would like to achieve alignment, but are unable to identify the steps necessary to make that happen. As a result, they find themselves operating as a loose group of colleagues rather than a true team…and the organization suffers as a result.
D’Onofrio Consulting Partners can help you align the Executive Team so that:

  • The team can increase cohesion and decrease destructive conflict
  • The team can create a climate of innovation
  • The team can focus its collective cognitive abilities and experiences on leading the organization to success
  • The team can create enabling conditions to quickly capitalize on opportunities and respond to potential problems
  • The team leverages behavioral and attitudinal differences

What Can You Expect?

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners’ 4-step approach for creating Executive Team alignment is grounded in organizational development theory and uses the well-established GRPI Model of Team Effectiveness as its cornerstone. GRPI is an acronym describing the different dimensions characterizing a team, i.e., Goals, Roles, Processes and Interpersonal Relationships. In the course of our approach, we will use this model to help identify root causes for any existing team difficulties, to target specific areas of improvement, and to develop the team’s overall alignment.

Our approach is designed to be highly involving from the first step, as this helps build the entire team’s commitment to improving.

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners’ 4-step approach includes:

  • Planning and Scoping
  • Assessment and Analysis
  • Intervention Design and Delivery
  • Follow Up Support

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