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Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is targeted at leaders who are in a development phase or facing potential derailment challenges in their roles.

The process is designed to:

  • Identify disconnects
  • Clarify what needs to be changed
  • Develop strategies and tactics to modify unproductive behavior and optimize performance.

The conditions and circumstances that lead to a performance shortfall may be misdiagnosed and misunderstood. They can be avoided if properly addressed at a pivotal juncture. Our goal is to understand the situation and to establish effective strategies that will re-calibrate the executive’s performance through deep learning and change. The process will encompass:

  • Assessing and understanding the issues
  • Establishing issue parameters and focused commitment
  • Clarifying expectations and agreeing what needs to change and when
  • Designing and implementing a constructive and mutually fulfilling plan to address blind spots
  • Facilitating awareness, insight, learning, choice, and change
  • Building the client’s capacity to sustain change

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners’ Performance Coaching process addresses performance challenges through a blended approach that leverages insight from the executive, 360 degree feedback, and other assessment tools to uncover issues and to co-create a development process that elicits effective change, generates engagement, and improves performance at the individual and organizational level. Throughout the process, performance measurements from key stakeholders highlight shifts in behavior and performance, and identify areas where further advancements are possible.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect our Performance Coaching process to create an honest dialogue between the executive and key stakeholders in order to ascertain what is not working well for the individual and the organization. The individual will dramatically expand awareness of how others experience his/her behavior and the impact of their actions. This facilitative learning process will create an environment in which the client will develop an understanding of how a shift in their behavior will realign and enhance their effectiveness and performance.

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