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Succession & High Potential Coaching

Internal Succession Coaching engages future C-Suite leaders and high-potential talent through a proactive approach that accelerates the development of leadership competencies and builds organizational bench strength. This future focused investment strategy creates a resource network for personal learning and for building resilience and adaptability. The focus is to position your organization for long-term growth and sustainable business results.

Effective in-boarding strategies include:

  • Developing approaches to overcome role ambiguity and conflict
  • Addressing technical gaps with self-managed learning
  • Establishing an environment to facilitate role innovation
  • Assessing, understanding, and adopting specific behavioral competencies that are critical to success at the leader’s organizational level

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners’ Succession Coaching process identifies and engages leadership candidates who display the greatest potential for individual and organizational success. The process may include 360 degree feedback surveys, perceptual interviews and psychometrically valid assessment tools that provide insight and data points to broaden the leader’s perspective and expand his/her capacity for growth.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect our Internal Succession Coaching process to equip your future C-level leaders and most promising talent with an effective set of tools strategies, and tactics that will actively expand their skills, build resilience and generate effective actions and results appropriate to their organizational level.

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