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About Columbia Coaching Alliance

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners is a founding member of The Columbia Coaching Alliance, a world-class group of seasoned executive and organizational coaches with diverse industry experience and unparalleled executive coaching capability. Our collective expertise in the United States, and internationally, enables us to provide executive coaching services that effectively meet any need in any industry around the globe.

We enable our clients to leverage their human capital advantage by applying Columbia University’s multi-disciplined approach to professional executive coaching which draws from cutting-edge research in psychology, neuroscience, leadership, and organizational development.

The Columbia Coaching Alliance has the capability to deliver scalable, multi-level executive leadership and organizational coaching around the world. Whether individual entrepreneurs or multinational corporations and regardless of industry, the Columbia Coaching Alliance has executive and organizational coaches with expertise in your industry and region. From small geographically based teams to global virtual teams, our network has the flexibility your organization requires.

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