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Emotional Intelligence – Why And How To Develop It

March 17, 2020 • Leadership DNA, Transformational Leadership

What Is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence (EI), emotional leadership (EL), emotional quotient (EQ), and emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ), is the capability of individuals to: Recognize our own emotions and those of others Discern between different feelings and label them appropriately Use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior Manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s) (Source: Wikipedia)   “The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.” Daniel Goleman Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?   The Research: Of all the people studied at work, TalentSmart found that 90% of top performers… » Read More

Coaching insights from those who have been coached

July 1, 2017 • Executive Coaching

Carter, A., Blackman, A., Hicks, B., Williams, M. and Hay, R. (2017), Perspectives on effective coaching by those who have been coached. International Journal of Training and Development, 21: 73-91.   Introduction A new study reported in the International Journal of Training and Development takes a different approach to assessing coaching outcomes. Proposing that there is a gap in the academic literature, the researchers explored unsuccessful coaching or barriers to coaching success. The study focused on industry professionals in 34 countries who had been or were currently being coached. The study found that facing barriers during the period of coaching… » Read More

How to Create a Learning Organization

June 1, 2017 • Organizational Development

Introduction A 2008 HBR article asked readers, “Is your organization a “learning organization?” The authors of the article posed this question almost two decades after MIT professor Peter Senge first coined the term. In Senge’s landmark book, “The Fifth Discipline”, he proposed five characteristics of a learning organization. In this post, we explore a new article along with its authors’ new construct of a learning organization, as well as some helpful resources to benchmark your organization. The Learning Organization Revisited A new article published in Organizational Dynamics, entitled “Revisiting the learning organization: How to create it” by Ho Wook Shin… » Read More

What high-performing CEOs do better

May 1, 2017 • Leadership DNA

Introduction Two recently published articles explore the attributes of successful CEOs and this post compares and contrasts the findings from both studies.   Methodology The first study by McKinsey examined the top 5% of CEOs whose companies’ returns to shareholders had increased by more than 500% during their tenure. The sample of 120 exceptional CEOs were the highest performers in McKinsey’s data set of approximately 600 chief executives at S&P 500 companies between 2004 and 2014. In the second study, published in the May/June 2017 Harvard Business Review, ghSMART partnered with economists at the University of Chicago and Copenhagen Business… » Read More

The New Science of Teams

February 1, 2017 • Team Styles

Introduction In a newly published article in the March/April 2017 Harvard Business Review, Johnson Vickberg & Christfort discuss Deloitte’s “Business Chemistry”, a relatively new assessment that is designed to help leaders improve team performance, enhance efficiency and increase productivity. It does this through a greater understanding of how team members generate ideas, solve problems and make decisions. Citing the need for better tools to improve team working, the authors describe how the “Business Chemistry” system was developed using brain science. The authors discuss the four profiles that make up this assessment and how teams can be enhanced using the information… » Read More

Leadership Perspectives of C-Suite Executives Versus Millennial Leaders

January 1, 2017 • Leadership Styles, Millennial Leaders

Introduction Millennials (born 1981-1997) now make up the largest generation in the U.S. workforce according to Pew Research Center in 2015 (see graphic below) and according to PwC’s Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace study, they are expected to make up half the global workforce by 2020. A growing number are already holding senior level roles, making a new research-based study released this month worth reviewing. The study, “Divergent Views/Common Ground – The Leadership Perspectives of C-Suite Executives and Millennial Leaders Executive Summary” was jointly led by The Conference Board (TCB), Development Dimensions International (DDI), and RW2 Enterprises (RW2E). The goal was to help… » Read More

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