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Coaching Resources

  • Mindtools.  Hundreds of personal development and leadership topics are available by browsing or searching. You can also receive new management and career techniques every week by subscribing to the free newsletter. The Mind Tools Club is a subscription, members-only area that offers comprehensive leadership, team management, decision making, project management, personal productivity, and communication skills toolkit, with more than 1,000 skills, techniques and tools explained in detail. In addition, membership provides bite-sized training, book insights, expert interviews and a forum. A free trial is offered.
  • Harvard Business Review. Great insights and articles on a range of leadership and management topics. Register (free), visit the topic pages and follow a topic of interest (by clicking on the “Follow” icon). HBR will create feeds in your library based on those topics. To get the most from HBR, consider an annual subscription. You can access the magazine in print and via your tablet.
  • strategy+businessPublished by PwC Strategy& LLC, you’ll find thought-provoking articles from the magazine and blog written by chief executives, corporate leaders, best-selling business thinkers and philosophers, prominent academics and researchers and seasoned practitioners from Strategy&. Register to access content, including a 20-year magazine archive with thousands of leading management articles, as well as interactive graphics and videos; weekly and monthly newsletters; daily blog posts by business thought leaders, academics, and journalists and unlimited downloads of many articles. Save articles to your personal library.

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