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Leadership Assessment

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners’ tailored 360º assessment program provides the recipient with a multi-dimensional view of performance that reveals discrepancies, consistencies, strengths and developmental areas. This feedback is geared toward improvement and professional development.

Today’s global business environment is increasingly fast-paced and complex. Accurate interpretation and internalization of the data provide a framework for improving behavior and creating targeted learning. Enhanced awareness and laser focused learning will help leaders and high-potentials to effectively adapt and manage change, enabling individuals and organizations to maximize the results of business activities. Decades of research indicate:

  • There is a proven connection between multi-rater feedback, its practical application, and the ability of an individual to achieve breakthroughs in performance.
  • Successful leaders, and the organizations in which they work, increasingly use 360º survey results and other instruments to create awareness, adapt behavior and achieve improved business outcomes.

The key to leveraging the power of these tools is dependent upon:

  • The accurate interpretation and purposeful communication of the data
  • Recipients desire to gain insight, learn and change
  • Recipients ability to understand their impact and the unintended consequences
  • Organizational support and systems for learning
  • Development of laser focused learning plan
  • Ongoing support to achieve enduring change

At the individual, group or organizational level, D’Onofrio Consulting Partners has the expertise and resources required to efficiently and effectively support your leaders. Our assessment programs can function as stand-alone tools, or seamlessly dovetail into existing leadership development programs. Engagements range from complete design, administration, and implementation of programs, including technology support, to single-episode interpretation and coaching services.

In addition to multi-rater feedback options, we offer a full range of complementary assessments from leading organizations including: MRG, Consulting Psychologists Press, Training Management Corporation, California Consulting Press. We offer the following specific instruments: Hogan’s Suite of Talent Assessments, Neethling Brain Indicator, SHL, IDI, COI, Strong Interest Inventory, Birkman Method

What Can You Expect?

You can expect an individual, group, or organization to develop and increased understanding of preferences, styles, performance, and behavior through their individual evaluation(s) and/or through the evaluation and perspective of others. The outcomes from this discovery create a path for intentional learning and change that can be effectively achieved through Leadership Coaching.

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