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Assimilation Coaching

Assimilation Coaching is a process designed to help executives who are joining a new organization to effectively integrate their expert knowledge and experience into their new role, and blend seamlessly into the culture. Today’s dynamic business environment lacks the luxury of time for an executive to produce business results. New leaders need to focus on:

  • Clarifying roles, goals and the time lines associated with expectations
  • Establishing critical partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Developing organizational agility
  • Engaging direct-reports successfully
  • Acquiring an understanding of the beliefs, values and orientations within the organization

D’Onofrio Consulting Partners’ Assimilation Coaching process is typically a 6-month engagement that identifies goals and expectations, distinguishes key stakeholders and how to approach individual relationships, explores the cultural framework of the organization, examines and fine-tunes communication with direct-reports, and creates a learning map to close critical gaps.

What to Expect

You can expect our Assimilation Coaching process to produce rapid and measurable integration of the executive into the new role and organization. The investment in the individual creates energy and resilience, enhanced organizational productivity, and accelerated performance.

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